Perform Backup

Perform Backup

The Perform Backup feature enables you to back up and restore your database with options to back up part or all of the system. A reminder will be displayed on your screen if your database has not been backed up in 3 days.

To start a backup, go to Maintain System > Perform Backup. The backup screen below will be displayed.

Choose the areas of your database to be backed up. In the case below, the Company Files (the folder holding all documents displayed on the Documents Tab) is not being backed up, as an outside source is doing a backup of those documents. If you are uncertain about which parts of your database may be backed up by other systems, contact your network administrator or Junxure at 1 (866) 586-9873 for assistance on making the selection.

Click Backup when you have completed your selections.

Junxure will display a progress bar indicating the status of the backup. When the backup is complete, close out of the backup window, and click the Refresh button at the bottom of the Main Menus to reset the Junxure backup warning clock (and remove the warning icon.)

Restore Your Database

Click Restore button.

A window similar to the one below will open. Choose the appropriate backup date in the drop-down box. Make sure all of the appropriate files (typically all files) are checked in the grid below. To highlight all lines, click the Select button just to the right of the date drop-down. When all appropriate lines have been selected, click the Restore button.

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