New Users Quick Guide

New Users Quick Guide

Junxure ClientView Live is an add-on product to Junxure that lets you communicate with your clients quickly and securely over the Internet. ClientView Live offers you a secure, encrypted web portal for your clients to access account information and reports from your firm's server in real-time.

Your ClientView Live Desktop

To launch your ClientView Live desktop application, from Junxure, go to Database Tools > ClientView Setup.

Note: Your office may have special access to ClientView Live set up for your firm, limiting who can view this option.

The ClientView Live desktop application launches. There are three main sections of the desktop application:

  1. Top Menu
  2. Left Menu
  3. Homepage Menu

Top Menu

Click File > Exit to close the program.

Click File > Help to access the ClientView Live Online Help, Educational Videos, and to see what version of ClientView Live you have (Help > About).

Left Menu

The left menu of the ClientView Live Desktop lists all of the tasks you can perform in ClientView Live. Tasks are broken into categories.

  • Portfolio Reports: These are files created when you run the Portfolio Report Wizard.
  • Client Setup: These links will help you with client-related tasks, including managing client access to ClientView Live, adding reports to the website and updating account information.
  • Reports: Use these links to view a variety of summary reports.
  • Document Assemblies: Use this powerful tool to assemble a single PDF report for your clients.
  • System Setup: These links help you with your setup of ClientView Live.
  • View Website: Use this link to view your ClientView Live website in a web browser.

Homepage Menu

The homepage menu is a quick way to get to many of the most commonly used links in ClientView Live.

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