Master User Setup

Master User Setup

Employees in the firm can be set up as "Master Users" in ClientView Live. Master Users have access to all of your clients in ClientView as well as the ability to change the look of ClientView. Before an employee can be set up as a master user, the employee must have their email address located under System Setup > Users and know their Junxure password.

  • To check this, go to System Setup > Users.

  • Double-click on the employee's record and verify their email address and password.
  • If they do not know their password, this can be changed by clicking on Change Password.

  • To set up the Master User, go to Database Tools > ClientView Setup.

  • Then, you will navigate to System Setup > ClientView Setup which is located to the lower left of the screen. This will bring the ClientView Setup window.

  • Click on the Master Users Tab and select from the Employee To Add drop-down menu the employee that you would like to make a Master User.
  • Click on the Add button to add the employee.

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