Backup Warning

Backup Warning

If your firm is seeing a backup warning, the SQL database is not registering a backup within the last 24 hours (or longer).

If your IT is managing the SQL database backups, reach out to them immediately to perform a backup.

If your firm is using the Junxure tool to automatically backup the database nightly, follow the directions found below.

Log On to the SQL Server* as the Database Owner (dbo).

*Your SQL Server is the machine that hosts your Junxure database and has the SQL Server Management Studio installed. The database owner is most commonly a local server or domain administrator.

Locate the Job Builder icon on the server's Desktop. Double-click to open it.

Log into the Express Job Builder.

The Express Job Builder should list at least two jobs, JxBackup and MxBackup.

Select the JxBackup and then click Execute Job icon.

Click the Execute button.

The tool will being backing up the database. Depending on the size of the database this can take several seconds to greater than two hours.

If it finishes without error, it will display Job succeeded. You can then Close the Execute Job window. If it does not complete and displays an error, contact Junxure Support at 866-586-9873, Option 1 or by email at

To clear the backup warning from within Junxure, close and reopen Junxure.

If the backup begins to fail regularly, please contact Junxure support.

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