Junxure Data Connector Server Upgrade

Junxure Data Connector Server Upgrade

Users of Junxure Desktop features that rely on the Junxure Data Connector (JDC) prior to 3/9/2021 must update the WF configuration file to accommodate a Junxure Server upgrade.

Note: The JDC is used for Client View Live, Junxure Mobile, and Junxure Web functionality. If you do not use any of these features, you do not need to proceed with these updates.

Follow the process below to update your config file and restore JDC functionality.

  1. Access the Server that the Junxure Data Connector is installed on.
  2. Open Services (Start Menu > Run > Services.msc).
  3. Locate and Stop the CVPollingService (Right-click on the CVPollingService and select Stop).
  4. Open Windows File Explorer and navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\CRM Software\CVPollingClientWS.
  5. Note:
    The drive letter may vary depending on your environment.
  6. Right-click the file CVPollingClientWF.exe.config and Open With... with Notepad.
  7. Locate the connectionString within the file and copy the contents of the string as pictured below. Paste the string somewhere temporarily safe for use in a moment.

  8. Close Notepad and Delete the CVPollingClientWF.exe.config file from this folder.
  9. Download the replacement file: CVPollingClientWF.exe.config to the same folder.
  10. Open the new downloaded file with Notepad.
  11. Overwrite the default connection string with the one you copied and saved in Step 6.
  12. Save the file and exit Notepad.
  13. Return to the Services console and Start the CVPollingService. (Right-click on the CVPollingService and select Start).

The service should return to normal operation. If you have further issues, please Contact Junxure Support.

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