Creating a Manual Database Backup

Creating a Manual Database Backup

The instructions here show how to perform a backup for the Junxure Desktop Database.


To perform a backup, you must login to the server as the database owner. This is usually the domain administrator.

If you need to determine the database owner of your Junxure database:

  1. Launch SQL Server Management Studio.
  2. Connect to the Junxure Instance.
  3. Expand Databases on the left.
  4. Right click on Junxure and select Properties.

In the General section, the Database Owner should be listed (Domain\Username). Before proceeding, ensure this is the user you are logged into the server as.

Performing a Backup

  1. Launch SQL Server Management Studio.
  2. Log in to the Junxure Instance.
  3. Expand Databases on the left.
  4. Right click on Junxure and select Tasks > Backup.
  5. If there is already a backup job listed in the Destination, click Remove.
  6. Click Add.
  7. Click the ... on the File Name line to choose a destination directory and file name. Be sure the file name ends in .bak.
  8. Click OK on the Select Backup Destination window.
  9. Click OK on the Back Up Database window to begin the backup process.

When the process completes, you can click OK to return to the SQL Management Studio. The .bak file you created will be located in the directory you specified in step 7.

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