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            The Junxure Consulting and Training team offers regular opportunities to enrich and expand your knowledge and use of Junxure Desktop. Below is a list of the upcoming classes offered. Click the links to register.

            For overall supplemental education videos, see Junxure Desktop Educational Videos.

            Streamline and Track Correspondence with Junxure Desktop

            Wed Nov 6 from 2-3pm Eastern

            Global mailings happen year-round - we mail newsletters, privacy polices, RMD reminders, and even holiday cards! Why not do it efficiently? From running lists to sticking labels, setting up to dropping off - get ready to send out your mailings and emails through Junxure and reap the benefits of helpful mail merge tools and accurate communication history, all within your Junxure database.

            In this class you will learn:

            • Why creating letter communications in Junxure is useful.
            • Tips for using document and email templates.
            • Envelope and label printing tips.
            • Tips for sending individual or group communication.
            • How to create searchable and reportable letter history.
            • How to send a global letter and email.

            Compliance: How Junxure Desktop Can Help You Prepare for an Audit

            Tue Dec 3 from 2-3pm Eastern

            How can Junxure help if your firm is audited? In this class, we will review items commonly requested by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and demonstrate how Junxure can help you easily and efficiently gather these items.

            In this class, you will learn how:

            • Consistent data entry into specific Junxure data fields can prove helpful in the event of an audit.
            • To set up rules and run reports on your Junxure data to fulfill auditor requests.
            • Email and letter correspondence features in Junxure can produce helpful queries and reports.
            Updated: 09 Oct 2019 02:21 AM
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