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            New User Advanced: Workflow Setup

            Junxure's advanced action features allow you to systematize your workflows, saving you time and improving office efficiency by ensuring that tasks are completed and contacts are managed properly.

            After reviewing videos in this content area you will understand how Junxure can help you systematize your office by:

            • Converting your processes to workflow in Junxure using action sequences.
            • Creating templates for frequently performed actions.
            • Delivering a consistent client experience.

            Please allow 25 minutes to view the videos in this section.

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            Consistency is key when working within any CRM system. When new actions are added for tasks that are carried out frequently you can ensure they are entered the same way each time by using Action Templates and Action Sequences. These features will help increase consistency and reduce the amount of time employees spend adding these notes or tasks to the system. Get together with others in the firm and brainstorm a list of frequent tasks or multi-step procedures. Use this list to begin creating both Action Templates and Action Sequences in the system for use by everyone in the firm.

            Updated: 21 Aug 2018 05:32 AM
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