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            An Error Occurred In Module JXMail

            The steps below will resolve the JXMail error received when sending an email from within an Action in Junxure.

            If you are receiving the following error, follow the steps below to correct it.

            1. Close Junxure and Outlook.
            2. Open your Windows File Explorer and navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\CRM Software. (Depending on the bitness of your PC, the path may be C:\Program Files\CRM Software.)

            3. Right-click on the Junxure Outlook Addin folder and then click Copy from the context menu.

            4. Paste this folder onto your Desktop. This is just a backup and will be discarded after the fix has been run.
            5. Download the following executable: JunxureOutlookAddinPatch_20180815.zip.
            6. Extract the JunxureOutlookAddinPatch.exe from the downloaded ZIP file.
            7. Note:
              If your PC security settings prevent you from downloading ZIP files or running EXE files, contact your IT.
            8. Run the downloaded file. A Command Prompt will open with the following message:

            The above message indicates that the patch has run successfully. Re-open Junxure and Outlook, and verify that functionality has been restored. Once you’ve verified operation, you may delete the Junxure Outlook Addin folder from your desktop.

            If you are still experiencing errors, Contact Junxure Support.

            Updated: 13 Sep 2018 12:17 AM
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