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            Client and Spouse - One Contact Record or Two?

            A frequent question that we receive from our users is, “Should we put the husband and wife (or any 2 people in a similar relationship) in the same contact record or have separate records for each person?”

            There are some CRM systems that are designed for each to have their own record; others require you to combine them in the same record. Every firm is different in the way each conducts their business, and your firm’s business needs may help you determine which approach is most appropriate for you. If you’re still unsure, below we’ve provided a list of pro’s and con’s for you to review – related to Junxure functionality – that may help you to make, or further solidify, your decision.

            Best practice: Place them on the same record.

            One Contact
            See complete financial picture for the household in JX and CVL
            May not be able to communicate individually with account holders 1
            Seamless capturing of emails and recording of Actions
            Reporting is more complete
            No need to change contact information in multiple records: less opportunity for errors.
            Separate Contacts
            Can easily communicate individually with separate account holders
            More difficult to track actions/emails – which record should/does it apply to?
            Can easily communicate if contacts have different mailing addresses
            Where do you put joint accounts or general relationship correspondence?
            Have to toggle between 2 Contact Records to get complete financial picture for household
            Cannot print 1 household net worth statement or financial-based reports

            1 Options to address this con:

            • Create different doc/email templates for client and spouse using client/spouse first name & last names with MailAdd(no name).
            • Use balance sheet owner on account tab - to help facilitate specialized mailers using Account Rule Builder as well as accurate financial reports.
            • Add separate email types and use for email communication.
            • Use user fields to create alternative mailing options and create custom merge sources.
            • Use account types on profile or account tab to target mailings regarding specific accounts (ie IRA - client, IRA - Spouse).
            • Have 1 joint client record and separate records for communication only - no notes.
            Updated: 21 Aug 2018 11:49 PM
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