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            Card View: Client History at a Glance

            “I want a quick, one-page view of what my firm has done for a client, and I don’t want to have to set up any grids or run a report. I need quick access to all of the email and letter history as well. Can I do that in Junxure?”

            Card View might be what you’re looking for.

            The Card View is just one of many ways for everyone in the office to quickly find and view information, and its easy access is particularly popular with principals and advisors. It is truly one click-access to much of what you are looking for, providing you an at-a-glance view of a specific client’s action history. Plus, you can easily sort to a specific set of actions using a built-in Action Filter.

            Benefits of the Card View:

            • One click, one page scrolling view client by client.
            • Easily review comments/notes in all note boxes.
            • View action details – assigned to, due dates, completion dates, etc.
            • View any letter documents and all emails associated with this action.
            • Helpful sort and filter features to find exactly the actions you need.

            How do I access the Card View?

            In any contact record, go to the Actions tab, then click on the Action sub tab. Select Card View.

            Did You Know?

            Just like in the Grid View, you can filter actions in Card View by type, by process, by employee assigned to, or to show only pending or completed actions. You can also filter by greater than, equal to, or less than a specific date.

            For example, to see all Money Movement related actions:

            1. Click on Action Filter highlighted below.
            2. Select “Money Movement” from the Process drop down list near the top right.
            3. Click “Apply Filters” in the top right.

            Open a contact record and check out the Card View; it may be exactly what you have been looking for!

            Important Tips:

            • You can easily access linked documents that were created outside of Junxure by opening that action.
            • Under Emails in the card view, click the email folder icon to access that email's attachments and details. (The subject line of the email is displayed for easy search.)
            • Track your firm’s communications and interactions with a client using the Follow-up Notes box.
            • The card view displays a set number of characters in each field. Click Edit Action to view longer messages in an action.
            Updated: 23 Aug 2018 11:49 PM
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