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            Holiday Mailings with Junxure

            The holidays give us an opportunity to reflect on the past year and to gratefully show our clients our appreciation. Holiday cards or letters are often sent the old fashioned way, via the good old US Postal Service. Personal cards or letters can make a lasting impression on your clients, especially since receiving personal mail is becoming a thing of the past. Junxure can certainly help with preparing all of your holiday mailings.

            With the Junxure Letter/Envelope Wizard, you can prepare your letters using Microsoft Word and print the envelopes or labels all at the same time. If you choose not to hand address your envelopes, you can run envelopes through your printer or you can choose to print and stick labels instead. Even if you're mailing pre-printed cards, letters, or newsletters, you can at least use Junxure to record global actions; with the Junxure Letter/Envelope Wizard you can add actions to a group of contacts all at once, noting what was mailed and when.

            Holiday Mailing Tip: Printing addresses on the envelope adds a nice personal touch, but holiday cards often come with odd size envelopes. Use a custom template to ensure your addresses are aligned correctly.

            How do I print addresses on odd size envelopes?

            1. Create an envelope document template for a #10 envelope in Junxure. (Please note - Junxure uses Microsoft Word to create document templates; a basic knowledge of Word - specifically the Mailings tab - is required.) For help, watch our video: Label/Envelope Document Templates
            2. Next, rename the Doc Title, i.e., Holiday Envelope 6 x 9.
            3. Then, select the Edit Template button shown by the green arrow below.

            4. Microsoft Word launches automatically, showing your envelope template with mail merge fields added. By default, the Mailings tab will be selected. It is best to view the envelope template in the “Print Layout Mode” (in Word, click View > Print Layout) so you can see the actual envelope size and layout as shown below.
            5. Next select the Start Mail Merge button.

            6. Then select Envelopes from the drop-down menu.

            7. From the Envelope Options window, select the size. If a pre-built envelope size is not available in the drop-down list, then select Custom size as shown below, and click OK. In the Envelope size screen, enter your custom envelope size – remember to include the inch (") symbol – and then select OK. A Mail Merge warning appears. Click OK to overwrite the old document template settings.

            8. Your template will now reflect the new envelope size in Word’s Print Layout view. Save your final document template before completely closing out of Word; your custom size envelope will now be saved in Junxure as a Document Template and ready to use for your next mailing!

            How Do I Print Envelopes Using Envelope Document Templates?

            You may access your custom envelope document template and print out envelopes:

            • in the Junxure Label/Envelope Wizard
            • when printing a single envelope from the contact record

            Before printing out envelopes, make sure your envelopes are in the printer and in the right tray!

            Please note: These instructions apply to Microsoft Word 2007 and 2010. Later versions should function similarly. For help with envelope sizing, please contact Microsoft support or check your print settings.

            Your client will enjoy the personal mail presentation you’ve created; make a lasting impression on your clients this holiday season with Junxure’s help.

            Updated: 23 Aug 2018 11:30 PM
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