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            Leveraging the Contact Rule Builder

            What’s the difference between rules and reports? The simplest answer: Rules = WHO and Reports = WHAT.

            But what does that really mean?

            The Contact Rule Builder allows you to search the database to produce a list of contacts that meet specific criteria that you have identified. This search will produce your list of WHO.

            For example:

            • Your Tier 1 clients that play golf
            • Active prospects that you have been courting for over 6 months
            • All new clients that you have welcomed to the firm this year
            • All clients that reside outside of your state of residence
            • Everyone with a birthday in the month of August

            The possibilities for these lists are endless.

            The Contact Report Wizard allows you to choose the data you would like to reveal about a specific group of contacts. This provides the WHAT (about the WHO). For example, you have your list of active prospects that you have been courting for over 6 months. To identify when this person was referred to you, how did they hear about your firm, who is the advisor responsible for the relationship, and what is their contact information, you would create a report to retrieve these additional details.

            But it doesn’t stop there! The Contact Rule Builder is not just for creating reports. There are so many things you can do in Junxure when you understand the Contact Rule Builder and how it works! Once you are comfortable creating rules, you can realize greater value from Junxure by being able to:

            1. Send global emails
            2. Print envelopes/labels
            3. Pull up a quick list of contacts
            4. Send global letters
            5. Make global changes to Profile tab
            6. Create a report using the Contact Report Wizard
            7. Create reports using all other Report Wizards (Action, Account, Opportunities, Insurance)
            8. Run pre-built reports
            9. Add actions to a group of contacts

            What’s your next step? Examine the lists you’re keeping outside of Junxure, or identify groups of contacts you may want to communicate with or report on. Create and save rules to filter these contacts so that you (and your coworkers) can access them quickly and perform the many tasks noted above.

            Updated: 23 Aug 2018 11:39 PM
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