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            Make a Way Toward Enhanced Junxure Usage

            You have Junxure, you know you need it, and you know it can really help you, but you are not sure exactly where to start. Two common comments we hear: “I know we are only using a fraction of the program, but I don’t even know what it can do for me,” or “I don’t know what I don’t know about Junxure.”

            Where to Start

            Start with exploring why you purchased Junxure in the first place. Ask yourself a very straightforward question to start identifying your goals. A good question to ask would be something like, “What three things do I want to use my CRM to accomplish?”

            Answering these questions often helps create a path toward enhanced Junxure usage. Junxure is a very robust program – it can do all kinds of things – but the key is to use the things that mean the most to your firm. No office uses 100% of the program and they never will. Even some of the most active firms only use around 70% of the program. Why? Because not everything applies to their firm and the way they do business. They use 70% of it really well – and that’s the whole point.

            Start by recalling why you bought Junxure, then move on to compiling a wish list of what you would like it to do, and even include things in the program you've noticed that seem like obstacles, things that may frustrate you.

            It is important to engage the entire firm in this discussion. Different departments will want different things from the program – the principal may want business analysis data from Junxure; Operations may want their procedures in Junxure; a Client Service Representative may want a task list. With these needs in mind, you can begin to match your goals with what the program has to offer.

            Help Along the Way

            For an example then, consider the Operations department’s need for procedures and consistency. Junxure has several options for creating, assigning and documenting procedures – Action Templates, Action Sequences, and Recurring Actions. There are multiple ways to learn about these. We have a number of self-help resources, from Online Help, to ongoing education classes.

            With a list of your needs, and the right learning resources, you can prioritize and take the necessary steps to accomplish the implementation of your Junxure system (you’ll have a path!). If you have been a Junxure user for over a year, you may want to also gather additional data by running a Junxure Checkup report to see which areas of Junxure could be providing more value.

            When you feel overwhelmed about where to start, think about your clients who often come to you with the same overwhelmed feeling about their money. How do you help them? You create manageable, understandable, and achievable steps that, over time, will help them get where they want to be. Apply the same concept to your firm’s use of Junxure and you’ll be pleased with what the system can do for you.

            Updated: 23 Aug 2018 07:11 AM
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