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            “Herding” Clients’ Tax Info

            How prepared is your firm to tackle the season of accountability when it comes around again?

            To ensure smooth sailing, be sure to use Junxure’s Taxes and Suitability feature that can store all of your clients’ tax information for easy access when you need it.

            Located on the Profile Tab, the Taxes & Suitability sub-tab stores current as well as archived historical tax related information for your clients. Here you can capture basic tax information year-by-year in the many fields available, such as income, tax bracket, tax liability, and even tax-loss carry-forward information.

            Many of this tab’s fields are also available on the Contact Report Wizard, so you can create reports that help you make investment decisions for clients throughout the year.

            Think that's easier said than done? We understand that collecting tax-related information from all of your clients may be akin to "herding cats", which is why we recommend using a Recurring Action Sequence to help systematize your process. With a Recurring Action Sequence, you can create a clear procedure for collecting tax data, entering it into Junxure, reviewing it, and taking action as necessary. You can even receive an automatic reminder each year on a specific date for each client. You'll then be able to view, at a glance, which clients have shared their tax information with you and those who have not.

            See below for a sample recurring Action Sequence that you can replicate or tweak for your individual needs (Click the image to see in full resolution):

            Updated: 23 Aug 2018 07:24 AM
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