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            Virtual Work Partners & Reporting

            A Virtual Work Partner (VWP) is a person or organization that your firm uses to outsource client work such as Attorneys, CPAs or Data Entry services. In Junxure, a VWP are categorized as employees - you can assign and track time spent on Actions for VWPs in the same manner as employees.

            The VWP feature enables you to define a VWP and track the progress of Actions assigned to them. You can also run activity reports for VWP's using the Actions Management menu option.

            • To access this feature in Junxure, go to People > Virtual Work Partners.

            • A list of existing VWPs populate the right pane in Junxure. Please see Add a Virtual Work Partner to see how to add these types of contacts.

            • Reporting/Tracking Virtual Work Partners

              Junxure provides the following reports for tracking actions assigned to VWPs:

              In addition, selecting the View feature on the VWP window enables you to quickly view pending Actions for the selected VWP or all pending VWP Actions.

              Use the Activity Between Dates feature to further filter Actions with a specified time period. Please see Print Activity By Virtual Work Partner for more information on how this functions works.

            Updated: 29 Aug 2018 01:47 AM
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