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            Add a Virtual Work Partner

            In Junxure, a Virtual Work Partner is classified as an employee. By the VWPs being employees themselves, they can have Actions assigned to them and track the time spent on the Actions in the same manner as other employees. To add a Virtual Work Partner, follow the steps below:

            • Go to People > Virtual Work Partners screen and select Add New Virtual Work Partner on the top menu.

            • The Add New Contact window appears. Complete the fields and click Next.

            • Enter in Phones and Addresses for the VWP using the sections provided. Click Next to continue.

            • Enter in Profile information on the following screen. Click Next to continue.

            • Add a Classification to identify this contact as a VWP instead of a Client or general Contact. See Classifications and Keywords for more information. Click Next to continue.

            • Enter in any personal information and then you will click Finish to add the Virtual Work Partner to your Junxure Database.

            Virtual Work Partners can also be added through Add A Contact Wizard.

            If you need to modify an existing VWP, you will double click on the row in the grid to open the contact's record. Here, you can edit the VWP record as you would any contact.

            Updated: 29 Aug 2018 01:55 AM
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