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            Set Up and Use the Junxure Calendar

            Calendar Setup

            Junxure offers a company-wide Calendar feature called the Junxure Calendar. Once the Calendar is enabled, the user can add or delete appointments as necessary. To enable the Junxure Calendar, you must have administrative access in Junxure.

            To enable the Junxure Calendar:

            • Go to Maintain System > System Options > Global Options.

            • Under the Features category, select the Use Junxure Calendar checkbox under the Value column.

            • The Junxure Calendar is now enabled for use.
            Junxure does not automatically set up a shared calendar; appointments that are not on a shared calendar will be seen only by the creator and those users with rights.

            Junxure also offers an interface with Microsoft Outlook, which allows you to use the calendar feature within Outlook. See Outlook Calendar Setup for more information.

            Using the Calendar

            • Start by going to People > Junxure Calendar.

            • The Calendar will appear on the right-hand side of the screen.

            • From this screen you can:

            Customize your Calendar view

            Choose your calendar view by selecting Daily, Weekly, or Monthly.

            To view multiple users' calendars side by side, use the check boxes to select individuals.

            To show calendars of all users in an Employee Group, select By Group on the left above the user names and a drop-down menu will display all active groups currently in Junxure. See Employee Groups for more information on this tool.

            To remove all other filters or added calendars, click the View My Calendar Only button.

            Please see How to Add an Item to the Junxure Calendar for more information.

            Updated: 06 Sep 2018 05:15 AM
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