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            Gifting Tab

            Junxure provides an area that tracks gifts given by your clients on the Estate Tab. You can use this for reference in tax preparation or when processing gifts in the future. Also, you can use this tab to ensure that the appropriate tax documents are created when gifting is being performed.

            • To access this feature, open a contact record and click on the Estate Tab. Then, click on the Gifting Tab.

            • Enter the data directly into the fields to edit/add information. To add a new gift, go directly to the first blank line.
            • This is indicated by an asterisk.

            Available Columns:

            • Date Given: The date the gift was given to the recipient by the client. This is very important data for Estate and Tax planning.
            • Given By: The person that gave the asset. This can be either the client or the client’s spouse. Click the down arrow to choose the giver’s name from the list.
            • Gift Description: The description of the gift such as Cash, Stock, Bond, etc.
            • Recipient: The person that is receiving the asset. The recipient’s name must be manually entered in the field.
            • Gift Value: The market value of the gift at the time that the gift was given.
            • Crummey Sent: This checkbox is used to monitor if a Crummey Letter was sent to the recipient.
            • 709 Required: This checkbox is used to monitor if the client has filed the 709 form for the gift.
            • Date of 709: The date that the 709 form was filed. This is very important data for Estate and Tax planning. This can be done by either entering the date or double clicking in the field to pick the date from the calendar.
            • Print Button: This is used to view the Client’s Gifting Report.

            Here is an example of what a Client's Gifting Report may look like:

            Updated: 31 Aug 2018 01:42 AM
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