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            FMA Tab Reports

            The FMA Details Report prints each question and sub question. The report will also display the relative Weight, Answer, Points, and Percent Weight for each sub question. Also, there is a sub category points total line for each main question.

            Give this report to the client at meetings to show the progress toward each sub category. The report only prints information for the selected assessment.

            Follow these steps to print the reports:

            • Open a contact record and click on the Financial Planning Tab.
            • Then, click on the FMA sub-tab.

            • Double-click on the line item of the Assessment that you want to view.
            • When the Client Assessment Builder window opens, click on the Print Report button located at the top left of the window to open the drop-down menu.
            • Once the drop-down menu is displayed, choose the appropriate report.

            When Junxure generates the report, a new window like the one below will open. Junxure provides tools to view, edit, or send the data to other file formats or as well as sending the report directly to your printer.

            FMA Report Examples

            Client Worksheet

            Internal Action Report

            Detail Report

            Summary Report

            Overall Report

            Updated: 31 Aug 2018 01:47 AM
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