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            Verify and Update the Record Owner

            Unless changed in Step 1 while Adding a New Contact, a Contact Record's Record Owner is <Everyone> by default.

            Navigate to the Contact Record and select the Contact Info tab. The Record Owner information is displayed above the Record's Photo field.

            If set to a value other than Everyone, a user must be a member of the selected Employee Group to have access to this Contact.

            To change a Record's Record Owner, click Edit Contact Info.

            The Edit Contact Information window opens. Click the drop-down next to Record Owner.

            Select an Employee Group from the available list and Close this window.

            Changes will not take effect until the next time a each user logs in. (For example, if changed from Everyone to a specific group, a user that is not a member of that group will have access to the Record until they log out and back in.)
            Updated: 31 Aug 2018 02:04 AM
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