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            Setting Up Deliverable Sets

            A Deliverable is defined as any task that occurs based on a timeframe but is not specific to a date. For example: meeting with a client once a year. Junxure looks for the last occurrence of the task and counts the given timeframe before it adds the new task. This is useful if the task does not occur right away due to scheduling conflicts, paperwork issues, etc.

            Follow the steps below to set up Deliverable Sets:

            • Open a contact record and go to the Actions Tab > Deliverables.

            • To add a new Deliverable, click the Setup Deliverable Sets in the upper-right corner of the window below.

            • The Setup Deliverables window opens.

            • In the left grid, enter the name for a new Deliverable set on the first blank line (indicated by the *) as shown above.

            Use the grid to the right to add individual Deliverables to the group through the drop-down menu as shown above. Junxure will bring in the Interval, Frequency, and Assigned To as indicated in the original Deliverable. These can be adjusted for the Deliverable set as necessary.

            If there are any specific notes about this task, add them in the notes field. They will be added to the Action's note when Junxure generates a task for this Deliverable. Notes could include concepts such as "Mailed report" vs. "In-Office review" or qualification of which Goals review is to occur.

            When all the Deliverable Sets are created, you can close the window.

            Changes made to Deliverables and Deliverable Sets will only affect those contacts that are assigned the Deliverable going forward, not those that already have this added to their contact record!
            Updated: 04 Sep 2018 04:11 AM
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