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            Add a Deliverable Set to a Contact

            A Deliverable is defined as any task that occurs based on a time-frame but is not specific to a date. For example: meeting with a client once a year. Junxure looks for the last occurrence of the task and counts the given time-frame before it adds the new task.

            Follow the steps to add a Deliverable Set to an individual record:

            • Open a contact record and go to the Actions Tab > Deliverables.
            • To assign a Deliverable Set to a contact, click on the Add a Deliverable Set button.

            • The Add Deliverables Set window will be displayed. Use the drop-down menu to choose which Deliverable set to utilize. The Deliverables that are involved in the set will display in the grid below. When finished, click on the Add This Set button to add the Deliverable set.
            • The chosen Deliverables will now be assigned to the client on the main Deliverables Screen. To adjust the interval or notes, make changes directly on the Deliverables Sub-tab when the Add Deliverable Set window is closed.

            Critical Step for “activating” or starting your Deliverables

            It is important to know that Junxure will not begin counting Deliverable dates unless it locates an Action with the appropriate Deliverable keyword. If this is a new client, go to the initial meeting action and assign all the appropriate Deliverable Keywords on that action to "start the countdown." If this is an existing client, you may need to create an action to have a "starting point" for the Deliverables or use an existing action that fulfilled the latest requirement of this deliverable. Once an initial keyword has been added, Deliverables that are closed will have the appropriate keyword automatically added.

            See Process and Keywords for more information on assigning keywords to clients.

            Updated: 02 Nov 2018 12:06 AM
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