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            Set Up Action Queues

            Action Queues were created to enhance team-driven completion of tasks. For example: if you have a team of 10 people who handle trades, trading tasks can be assigned to a group instead of choosing an individual trader.

            This helps streamline processes in several ways:

            • If an individual is absent or unavailable for the day, another team member can take the task without having access to other team members' task list.
            • The first available team member can take action with a task which will decrease the task completion time.
            • Team leaders can assign the most appropriate employee for a task which will increase efficiency in larger companies where employees may not know all available members of a team.

            Set Up Action Queues

            • On the Junxure main menu screen, click on View > Queues on the top menu.

            • In the upper right, click on Add New Queue.

            • The Enter New Queue box will open. Type in the name of your queue and click on OK.

            • Once you click on OK, your queue is now display under the Queue List. The queue is now available in any drop-down menu for assigning an Action.
            • Note:
              Queues will always show in the list with a (Q-) before the name of the Queue. As Actions are assigned to the queue, Junxure populates the grid on the View Queues screen. Users will not be assigned any alerts.
            • If the name of an existing queue needs to be changed, you can use the Rename Selected Queue button in the upper right of the View Queues screen. This will update all Actions that are currently in that queue and the drop-down menu for assigning Actions.

            Updated: 04 Sep 2018 04:19 AM
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