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            Letter/Envelope Wizard: Printing in Microsoft Word

            If you want to see the process for creating a Letter or Envelope, please view Letter/Envelope Wizard.

            Once you click Yes for printing your documents, the window below will appear:

            Your document and template will open in Microsoft Word (your view may vary from this example depending on your version of Microsoft Word).

            You can modify this template by adding text and additional merge fields using the Insert Merge Fields option.

            To preview your results, click the Preview Results button (circled in red). The records will be merged and you can scroll through the records.

            Click Finish & Merge > Print Documents to continue.

            On the Merge to Printer window, keep the default selection of All and click OK.

            On the Print screen, select your printer in the Name field. Click OK to start printing your documents. Once your print job is complete, you may close Microsoft Word, unless you need to print Labels or Envelopes.

            Printing Labels/Envelopes

            Earlier in the process, if you chose to print envelopes or labels, you will be prompted to print with the message below. Click Yes.

            Print the envelopes using the Finish & Merge button to complete the process. Do not select to save the Envelope or Label.

            The Letter Wizard will prompt you to "Lock" the document. Click Ok to continue.

            What does "Locked" mean? This feature “locks” merge fields into only the information from the time of the merge. This ensures that when the document is opened in the future, any merge fields contained in the document will not update, but rather show the merge based on the day the letter was ran.

            In the next message, click Yes to record Actions. An Action will be created for each recipient of your letter and the document will be attached to each Action.

            The Letter/Envelope Wizard will then print a recipient list to the Report Viewer and prompt if you would like to exit the Letter Wizard. Click Yes to close the Wizard. Click No to be returned to the "Finish" screen of the Letter/Envelope Wizard. At that screen, you may start the merge again as necessary.

            Updated: 04 Sep 2018 07:15 AM
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