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            Email Templates: Creating New Email Templates

            Please see View Email Templates for details on how to get to the Email Templates.

            To create a new email template, select a Category from the left column. Existing corresponding email templates will appear on the right.

            Complete the blank line at the bottom of the grid marked with an *.

            • In the Category field, use the drop down to choose the Template category.
            • In the Template Name field, type a name for the template. Use names with a standard naming convention for quick access.
            • Click the folder icon to the right of the Template Name field to open the template.

            A blank email template similar to the one below opens. (This view may vary slightly depending on your version of Microsoft Office). Junxure fields available to merge into this email template appear in the right column of the window.

            1. Enter in a subject line for your email. You can also use the toolbars to attach a file and format the text of your email.
            2. You can copy and paste text in the body of the email and add a signature.
            3. The Junxure Email Editor Tools allow you to add merge fields to your email template. Place the cursor in the appropriate spot in the email, then double click on the merge field name in the right hand column. It will appear as a [[Field]] marker.

            When this email template is used, Junxure will use the merge fields to pull data from the contact record(s) who are receiving emails. Example below:

            Click Save in the Junxure Email Editor Tools box to save your template.

            Close the template by selecting the "X" in the top right of the email window. Junxure will automatically add this template to the email template lists for use when sending individual and global emails.

            Updated: 04 Sep 2018 06:55 AM
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