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            Depending on your Email Handling setup, Junxure can store all or some of emails sent to, from, or regarding contacts in your database. See Email Setup for options on automatic download of email into Junxure, or Assigning Emails to Actions Manually to download emails individually to Junxure. Once emails are in a contact's Actions Tab, there are several places to locate them:

            Actions Tab > View Emails Sub-tab: To use this feature, open a contact record and go to the Actions tab. On the View Emails sub-tab, all emails received or sent through the email addresses listed on the Contact Info tab as well as any emails that have been manually added will be displayed.

            Actions Tab - Open Action Items: If the email handling in Junxure is set to On - Action Required or On - Action Required with Alert, an action item will be created on the contact's Action Tab with "Action Required" assigned to the logged in user. This will show new emails that have been captured by the system but not marked complete. Open the Action's Action Detail screen and click on the Emails sub-tab. This will display emails that are related to that specific action item.

            Actions Tab > Type Sub-tab: On the Actions Tab, the Type sub-tab will have a filter for those actions (pending or completed) that have been marked with the Action Type of email. Please note that this will not necessarily catch all emails, as an email may have been created as a follow-up to a service request, etc.

            Global Email Report: This report, located in Junxure at Reports > Reports List > Global Reports, will locate all emails listed in Junxure sent or received individually or globally. See Global Email Report for more information on running this report.

            Updated: 05 Sep 2018 03:14 AM
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