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            Replying to Emails

            Email messages may be replied to directly through Outlook, or through the Junxure Action. To reply through Junxure, open the email (see Finding Email for more information) by double-clicking the email line item, and Junxure will open a standard email message window. Click Reply as you would with any email message.

            If Junxure has brought the email into the Actions Tab automatically or manually, a “Token” will have been applied at the bottom of every (either sent or received). This is the marker that Junxure uses to connect strings of emails together (replies from sender and creator). It looks similar to the examples below.

            If a contact replies to an email already assigned a Junxure Token, but doesn't have the option to “include text from previous message” or their email system truncates (shortens) the text, or replies with the previous message as an attachment, this Token may get cut off. If this occurs, Junxure will not recognize this email as part of the existing set, and may assign a new action to the incoming reply (thinking it is a new item, as no Token is present). If the item was manually assigned in the first place, it may not bring the reply message in at all.

            Updated: 05 Sep 2018 03:21 AM
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