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            Assigning Emails Manually Through Actions

            Occasionally, an email that is not automatically brought into Junxure needs to be manually captured in an action item. This may occur if:

            • Junxure email handling is turned off (See Junxure Email Setup for more information).
            • an email address is not in Junxure.
            • the email comes from an outside source (a broker/dealer, cpa, etc.) regarding a client.

            Follow the steps below to manually create an action item for an email.

            In the Outlook Inbox, highlight the appropriate email message that needs to be assigned. In the example below, the email entitled Our Account is highlighted. The Action ID, circled in blue, shows a N/A, indicating that Junxure has not assigned this email to a contact.

            When assigning or managing email connections with Junxure, do not open the email, just highlight the line item in the inbox, as shown below.

            Click on the Search button, circled in red above. The Manual Email Import window opens.

            Type the last name of the appropriate Junxure contact in the field circled in blue above. The preview window to the right will display the text of the email for reference. As you begin typing the last name, Junxure will filter the list highlighted in yellow above. When the appropriate client is displayed, click on their name.

            Click the Import button circled in red above.

            Junxure will create a new action for this email in the appropriate client. When you return to your inbox, the original email will still be listed, but an action ID will be assigned (circled in red below). The client's name and Junxure ID # will appear next to the Action ID.

            To go directly to this action, click on the Action ID button. Otherwise, Junxure will create a new Alert requesting this email be managed.

            Updated: 05 Sep 2018 03:28 AM
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