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            Business Development: Large Graphs

            The Business Development Large Graphs option displays a larger view of each of the graphs shown in the Business Development Dashboard. To access this feature, go to Reports > Business Development > Business Development > Business Development Large Graphs.

            The left panel lists all metrics. Choose a row to display the Large Graph in the right panel.

            • The section boxed in red displays Dates and Values reflected in the graph.
            • Available Data (boxed in blue) displays the corresponding dates as it relates to the graph.
            • You may change this information in the Graph Period section (boxed in green).
            • You may also change the interval in the Graph Interval section (boxed in purple).

            Click Close to close this feature.

            You may also click Large Graphs on the Business Development Dashboard to view these graphs.

            Select the category from the upper right to see a larger view of the graph as seen in the illustration below.

            Controlling the Graph

            Click on the graph and then hold down the {ALT} key. You can now roll the mouse wheel to zoom in or out. You can click and drag the graph to change the 3-D rotation.

            Contact Profitability Report

            For information on this report, see Business Development Reports: Contact Profitability Report.

            Practice Management Reports

            To access these features, go to the Reports > Business Development > Practice Management Reports. In the right panel of the screen, you will have three choices: Company Dashboard, Opportunities Dashboard, and Opportunities Status Report.

            Updated: 06 Sep 2018 04:53 AM
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