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            Existing Action Sequences

            Use the Existing Action Sequences Report to search for global Action Sequences in Junxure. To search Action Sequences for an individual contact, go to the Contact's Actions Tab. See Action Sequences Sub-tab for more information.

            In Junxure, Action Sequences Reports can be accessed in two ways. First, go to Reports > Existing Action Sequences or go to Reports > Reports List > Global > Global Action Sequence Report.

            The Global Action Sequence window opens. The area circled in green enables you to apply a rule to filter the contacts that Junxure will return for this report. See Rule Builders for more information for creating and editing rules.

            • In the Rule Category field choose "Select All Contacts" to run the report on all actions in the database, "Select Client" to run on a single contact, or select the Rule Category Name or "All" to see all current Rules in the database.
            • Use the Rule Name menu to apply an existing rule or click the New Rule button to create a new rule. Click the Apply Rule button when the appropriate data is chosen.

            Junxure will display those contacts who have Action Sequences and are part of the Rule in the Added Action Sequences section (boxed in red). By clicking on any individual contact, the Action Steps area (boxed in blue) will show all of the individual actions belonging to that Action Sequence, while the area that is boxed in green will give a graphical overview of the actions and their status. The "X" means the Action has been assigned, but not completed.

            To view an Action Detail, double click on any line item in the Action Steps area. To view only open (Pending) or closed (Completed) Action Sequences, use the drop down menu in the upper left hand corner (boxed in purple) as shown below. Junxure will update the Added Action Sequences accordingly.

            To print a report of the displayed Action Sequences, use the Print Displayed Sequences button to the right of the "View" filter shown above.

            A report similar to the one below will be produced.

            To completely delete any Action Sequence from the system, you will use the Delete Action Sequence button shown below. This will not remove any Actions that have already been assigned to the contact, but no future steps in the sequences will be added.

            Updated: 06 Sep 2018 05:02 AM
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