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            Clients by State of Residence Report

            To gather a list for your clients' State of Residence, follow the steps below:

            • Go to Reports > Report Wizards > Contact Report Wizard.

            • Here, choose the New Report radio button and choose your Print Options.

            • Next, create a Rule for the clients. Start by selecting Select All Contacts from the Rule Category drop-down menu. Click New underneath the drop-down menu.
            • If you need to edit an existing rule Rule, choose the rule from the drop-down menu and click the Edit button. See Rules Overview for more details on how to create a rule.

            • Next, you will choose Client under the Classifications tab. To further narrow your search by clients assigned to you, navigate to the Additional tab choose your name under the Advisor 1, Advisor 2, or Client Service Rep (the choice here will depend on if you are the Advisor 1, Advisor 2, or the Client Service Rep on the client's record).

            • Tip:
              If you want to gather a list of all firm clients and their state of residence, select only the the Classifications tab and click on Client. You can skip the step with the Additional tab.
            • Once your selections are made, Save Rule at the top right of the screen. Then, Check Rule to preview your search results.

            • Next, move to the Report Details section of the wizard. Select the Report Category that you want the report stored under and name your report.
            • Finally, select the fields that you would like in the report by highlighting the field in the Available Fields section and double-clicking your option so the field appears in the Selected Fields section.

            • ​Once you are satisfied with your chosen fields, you can preview your report by selecting Check Results at the top right of the Report Wizard. Be sure to Save This Report.
            • After you are satisfied with your results, you can Print the Report by clicking on Print Report. You also have the option to export your report to an Excel Spreadsheet by right clicking in a blank space above the grid list while in preview mode. Click on Export to Excel.

            Updated: 06 Sep 2018 05:08 AM
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