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            Build File Folders

            The Documents Tab provides links to view documents associated with each contact. These documents are not stored in Junxure, but are linked to File Folders created using the Build File Folders feature. Build File Folders enables you to easily access letters, scanned documents or any other documents related to a contact without closing Junxure. There is no limit to how many folders you can create and File Folder names are completely customizable.

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            Build File Folders

            Use Build File Folders to add client folders for new contacts or removed unused, empty folders. Follow the steps below to create folders for all contacts classified as Client in the database. Folder lists can also be created in List Data Maintenance.

            • Go to System Setup > Build File Folders.

            • Your folder list appears to the right.

            • In the Folder List column enter or verify the folder names.
            • If folders have already been created in your database, do NOT change the names directly in the Folder List column. Use the Rename Folder section highlighted in yellow. Please refer to the section Renaming File Folders below for more information.
            • The following characters can not be used to build file folders: / : * ? “ < > |
            • If this File Folder should be applied only to a select group of contacts, use the Rule Category and specific Rule Name; choose "Select All Contacts" to run the build on all contacts in the database, or "Select Client" to run on a single contact. See Rule Builders for more information.
            • Use the Rule Name menu to apply an existing rule or click the New Rule button to create a new rule.
            • Check the Rule results by clicking the Apply Rule button. The results will display in the grid below the rule criteria.
            • Click Build Selected Contact Folders circled in red to add the folder names in the client's CompanyFiles folders
            • When the folders are created, a box opens indicating the folder build is complete, as shown below. Click OK to clear the message.
            • Close the Build File Folders utility when finished. The folders will be visible on the Documents tab as well as in your Companyfiles folder (typically located on a P: drive).

            Renaming File Folders

            Sometimes it is necessary to rename folders that have been built for many clients. Rather than having to rename each folder individually, or create a whole new folder to move data to, Junxure is able to rename specific folders that already exist.

            From the Build File Folders menu, select the current folder in the Rename Folder section, which is to be renamed. This name should appear in the red section.

            In the green section, select an existing folder, or type in the desired name.

            • If desired, folders can be renamed for just certain clients by using a rule. The rule must be applied for Junxure to rename just the desired clients’ folders.
            Updated: 07 Sep 2018 05:51 AM
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