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            Employee Positions

            Employee Positions are designated staff titles, including Advisor 1, Advisor 2, and CSR. You can designate additional positions as necessary.

            To access the Employee Position feature, go to System Setup > List Data Maintenance. Double-click to open Employee Positions from the right column.

            The Employee Positions Screen appears. Add new positions by clicking in the star row and entering in your new position. To save, click anywhere in the table or click close.

            Once you have your positions added, you can assign positions and employees to your Contacts as needed. To begin, open a Contact Record and click on the Profile > Main tab. The right column displays existing Employee Positions (if any). Click Edit Profile to add positions.

            To add a position, click in the blank row noted with an asterisk * under the Job PositionID column and a drop-down menu will appear listing your existing Employee Positions. Choose from the list, then click into the EmpID column and select the employee who is assigned this position for the contact. Close the Edit Profile screen to save.

            You can use employee positions to assign actions or to action sequence steps as seen below.

            Updated: 07 Sep 2018 05:53 AM
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