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            Scanning Documents

            Document Scanning or imaging has become the common form of Document retention in the Financial Planning industry. To improve the experience, Junxure can interface with third party Document Storage systems and can integrate with most scanning software through the Document Tab.

            A contact folder can always have documents added manually. The interface through Junxure is there to provide an option for Document Management. However, it is not necessary to use this tool for the full functionality of the Documents Tab.

            Setting up Junxure to scan or interface with Imaging Software

            To access this feature for setup, go to Maintain System > System Options > Global Options.

            Under the Global Options Tab, click on Document Imaging. Then, click on the “Click to set up (Currently Junxure)” button under the Value column in the right-hand side of the grid.

            The Document Imaging Settings window opens. Choose the type of imaging software that will be used.

            Some software packages require more setup information, these data fields will appear in Additional Settings when the software is chosen.

            Close the Document Imaging Settings window. Go to the contact’s Documents Tab. If a third party is being used, you will continue to scan and categorize documents in the same manner. If you are using the Junxure interface, follow the steps below.

            How to scan a Document

            Open a contact record and click on the Documents Tab.

            Place your document on the scanner and then click on the Scan Document button in the upper right.

            Updated: 09 Sep 2018 11:58 PM
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