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            Use the Junxure Asset Import Wizard

            The Junxure Asset Import Wizard (JAIW) imports data into Junxure from a variety of portfolio management applications. Use the JAIW daily to import Assets and Accounts from your portfolio management software into Junxure.

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            Use the Junxure Asset Import Wizard

            Before you begin, you must set up the Junxure Asset Import Wizard. See Junxure Asset Import Wizard Installation and Setup for more information. Use the steps below for daily use.

            The instructions in this topic feature Morningstar screen captures; your screens may vary slightly depending on your interface. For more detailed information about individual interfaces, see the individual JAIW interface help articles in this content section.

            Use the Junxure Asset Import Wizard:

            1. Launch the Junxure Asset Import Wizard from Junxure at Database Tools > Interfaces > Junxure Asset Import Wizard.

            2. If you have more than one program, select your asset import from the list and click Run Selected Import.

            3. The Junxure Asset Import Wizard will open and a splash screen will be displayed. Click Next to continue with the import.

            4. The Select the Database Configuration to Use screen opens. Select the configuration on the left that corresponds with the data that you’d like to import and click Next.

            5. The Select Data File screen appears. Choose your import file from the list and click Next.

            Note: For web service-based and direct database connection interfaces, you will not need to select a file. You may be prompted to enter a username and password or other information specific to an individual interface.

            6. You will be prompted to begin processing the data. Click Yes.

            7. Once the import data has been processed, click Next.

            Note: If the imported data does not include an Effective Date ("As of" date), for the assets, you will be prompted to select the date on the Processing Data screen. Click OK to continue.

            8. The Confirm Temp Data screen appears. The assets and accounts that you imported will now appear in the Junxure Asset Import Wizard in a temporary grid. Click an account in the left grid to display the associated assets in the right grid. Note: Until accounts are mapped to clients, accounts will not be visible in Junxure. See Optional Step: Adding Accounts below.

            Review your data for accuracy, and then click Next to select which items in Junxure to update.

            Note: The View Temp Table Data button is for support purposes only.

            9. On the Select Import Items screen, you may deselect Add / Update Assets or Update Accounts to skip the import of that data. You can also click the Edit Fields to Update button to select which individual fields in Junxure will be overwritten with import data.

            See Junxure Asset Import Wizard Installation and Setup for more information.

            After selecting optional fields, click Next to begin the import.

            10. When the import completes, click Next.

            11. Junxure will then create a missing accounts list, displaying all accounts that could not be matched to a record in Junxure. Use this list to add these accounts to the appropriate client record in Junxure. (For more information, see: Optional Step: Adding Accounts below). Click Finish.

            Click Finish.

            You have completed the import process.

            Optional Step: Adding Accounts

            If you’d like to add accounts to a client that will appear on your list, choose from two options*:

            Option 1: Click Add Accounts > Add by Client; or

            Option 2: Click Add Accounts > Add by SSN.

            Add by SSN: will attempt an auto-match to accounts numbers by locating a client’s SSN entered into both Junxure and your portfolio management software. Note: For any accounts that are not matched by Add by SSN you will need to use the Add by Client feature.

            Add by Client: useful if no SSN matches your search. For this option, select the account from the search results that appear in the grid and click Add Accounts > Add by Client.

            The Add Account screen opens. Select the client who owns the account from the list and click the Add Account to Selected Client button. You may use the Search for Last Name field to search for the client.

            Confirm that you have selected the correct account and client by clicking Yes.

            You have completed the import process.

            *The Add by SSN functionality is currently unavailable for the byallaccounts import.

            Optional Step: Adding Exclusions

            You may have accounts in on your missing accounts list that you do not want to import into Junxure, and you would like to remove them from your missing accounts list. To exclude these accounts:

            1. Select the account and then click Exclusions > Exclude Selected Account. This will remove the account from your missing person list in future imports.

            2. You may also view and edit your list of currently excluded accounts by clicking Exclusions > Edit Exclusions.

            3. To include an account that has been previously excluded, select the account and click Remove Selected Exclusion. This account will now show on your missing accounts list or you can add it to a client record using the Add Account instructions in the previous section.

            4. Once you finish managing your accounts, click Finish and the wizard will close.

            You have completed the import process.

            Note: If you have multiple datasets to import you can run the interface again with a different database configuration.

            Frequently Asked Questions

            What does the JAIW import into Junxure?

            Which interfaces are included in the JAIW?

            The following interfaces may be used to import data into Junxure. Click on the links below for more information on individual interfaces.

            How do update the JAIW?

            If an update is available, users who have the JAIW installed will be prompted to update the next time the JAIW is launched. You may wait to run the update, but you will not have the ability to use the JAIW until the update is made.

            Updated: 10 Mar 2019 10:23 PM
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