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            PortfolioCenter Import Wizard: PortfolioServices

            Integrating the data between Junxure and your Portfolio Management System (PMS) not only allows you to streamline your processes but also enables you to provide your clients with top tier customer service by making their information easily accessible.

            Use the PortfolioCenter Import Wizard daily to import PortfolioCenter Positions, Accounts, and Fees into Junxure. There are two steps to completing this process:

            1. Prepare your database to use the PortfolioCenter Import Wizard. See Junxure PortfolioCenter Import Wizard Setup for more information.

            2. Complete the PortfolioCenter import process

            GET STARTED: Click to download instructions on using the Junxure PortfolioCenter Import Wizard - PortfolioServices.

            PortfolioCenter® is a registered trademark of Schwab Performance Technologies®.

            Updated: 11 Sep 2018 03:18 AM
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