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            Management Fee Import

            The Management Fee Import integration uses a .csv file to match columns before importing fees into Junxure.

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            • Set up
            • Using the Integration
            • Using the Fee Report Feature

            Set Up

            Click on Management Fee Import in the right screen and select a group under the Security Level column.

            Using the Integration

            To use the Management Fee Import, in Junxure go to Database Tools > Interfaces and on the Available Interfaces tab select Management Fee Import.

            On the Junxure Fee Import screen,

            • Next to the File to Import field, click the browse icon to locate the desired CSV file.
            • File must be in CSV format and must contain:
              • A matching column (usually account number)
              • A column with the Fee Amount (Note - do not include the "$" symbol in this field)
              • A column with the Fee Date
              • A column with the Fee Type
            • After selecting the file to process, click Read CSV file.

            On the Match Import Fields and Fee Types screen, match the fields from the CSV file to fields in Junxure.

            Use the drop-down menus to view available fields from the CSV to match the column to a field in Junxure.

            Once columns are matched, you may opt to exclude certain fee types from importing to Junxure. Selecting "None" will import all fee types. Click on the list to exclude certain fee types.

            Click OK to close the window. Note: Your selections here will be saved for future use.

            A preview of the data from the CSV file will load into the grid within the Junxure Fee Import screen. Review the data and verify that it is matched as expected.

            There are indicator fields that show matched versus total for the # rows and amount in the File Information section.

            The Import Behavior section allows you to manage previous imports with the same date.

            Once data is reviewed, click Import Fees to Junxure.

            Click Yes to continue the import.

            When the import is complete, a pop-up will appear displaying the total rows imported and the total amount. Click Yes to view the Import Log or No to close.

            The imported fees will appear on the Profile > Revenue tab of the contact record.

            Using the Fee Report Feature

            When in the Fee Import Form, click on the “Fee Report” button to open a report form.

            Users can select a date range, which types to include, and which employees clients to report on (where the employee is ADV1, ADV2, or CSR).

            Once the user selects a date range, click on “Refresh Grid”, and the selected information will be displayed in the grid. Users can export the data to Excel once the grid has been populated.

            Updated: 11 Sep 2018 07:18 AM
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