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            QuickBooks fees import (Intuit)

            QuickBooks is a line of business accounting software developed and marketed by Intuit. The QuickBooks fees import is installed on your workstation. This interface imports invoiced fees from Quickbooks into Junxure.

            To Begin:

            • Launch QuickBooks and capture the Customer Name field for each contact.

            • Within Junxure, open the corresponding contact's record, go to the Personal Info tab. Click Edit Personal Information.
            • Enter the number you captured from Customer Name in QuickBooks into the Accounting Code field circled below.

            • After you have populated the Accounting Code numbers for each of your contacts, launch the interface from Junxure by going to Database Tools > Interfaces.
            • Double-click Quickbooks Fees Import. Only the contacts with the added accounting code will appear in the list.
            • Enter in the Start Date and End Date for the import.
            • Click Check QuickBooks to preview the data from QuickBooks.
            • Click Import Fees paid to import the data into Junxure.

            • When your import is complete, click OK.

            • Imported fees will appear on the Profile > Revenue tab within a contact's record.

            If you have any issues or concerns with this conversion please send an email to Junxure support at support@junxure.com or call us at (866) 586-9873, Option 1.

            Third Party Software: Disclaimer

            Junxure does not provide technical support regarding any issues with third party data, application configuration, or necessary set-up. If you require assistance with these issues, please contact the application software provider directly.

            Updated: 11 Sep 2018 11:37 PM
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