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            Schwab OpenView Gateway

            As of 7/30/19, the Schwab OpenView Gateway integration for Junxure Desktop clients will no longer be available.

            If you are currently utilizing the Schwab OpenView Gateway integration on Desktop, it will no longer function starting 7/30/19. When a user tries to access the link, an error will be displayed. The links cannot be disabled or removed so it is important that users know about the change and how to disable the Schwab Advisor Center (SAC) Alerts Integration. By disabling the SAC Alerts integration, the Junxure Data Connection (JDC) will no longer need to ping our server to check for alerts, which will help with system performance on your server.

            Failing to disable the integration will degrade system performance on Junxure Desktop. See below for instructions on disabling the integration and removing it from view.

            Please note that Schwab OpenView Gateway is available for Junxure Cloud users. As more of our integration partners change requirements and shift their resources to cloud initiatives, we encourage you to consider upgrading your system to a cloud-based environment.

            If you have any questions, you can contact Junxure Support. If you’re ready to talk about migrating to Junxure Cloud, we invite you to get started with a free trial or demo. You can also reach out to us directly at 866-586-9873, option 2, to speak with our team.

            Disabling the Schwab Integration

            Perform the following steps to disable the Alerts Integration for the firm.

            1. Navigate to System Setup > Schwab Openview Gateway.
            2. Click Modify Current Settings.
            3. Click Disable SAC Alerts Integration at the bottom.
            4. Click Next to confirm.

            Removing the Schwab Integration from View

            To remove the Schwab Integration from the main menu so Users cannot attempt to re-enable the integration, use the following steps. This process must be performed for each User you wish to hide the setting from.

            1. Navigate to Maintain System > System Options > Local Options.
            2. Under the Category: Interface, set Enable Schwab OpenView Gateway to Disabled.

            Updated: 29 Jul 2019 10:03 PM
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