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            Junxure vs. Junxure Mobile Comparison

            Junxure Mobile is an add-on to Junxure Desktop that gives you secure, live web access to the same Junxure database that’s sitting on your office server. All you need is web access and your laptop, smartphone, or other mobile device.

            With Junxure Mobile you can:

            • Add new contacts and enter notes while in the field.
            • Search for your clients and open up their records to view contact information, pending actions and notes.
            • Assign follow-up actions to your staff immediately following an out-of-office client meeting — accelerating your firm’s response time to real–time.

            Set up Junxure Mobile and enable your users

            Check out the Junxure Mobile video for instruction on Mobile set up.

            FYI: Junxure Web and Junxure Mobile terms are used interchangeably; however, they are not the same as Junxure Cloud.

            Tasks in Junxure that cannot be performed in Junxure Mobile

            Junxure Desktop Mobile access is most focused on being able to view client information, enter, and complete actions.


            • Add new opportunities
            • Run any integration (portfolio management system, MGP, etc)
            • Create/Run Rules
            • Create/Run Reports
            • Make global changes to contacts (no profile tool available)
            • Access List Data Maintenance


            • Create a new action sequence or action templates
            • Create recurring actions
            • Add an action sequence to a contact record
            • Add actions to a group of people
            • Link actions to accounts/insurance/etc


            • Create a document
            • Send a letter
            • Use the Junxure Outlook Addin

            Junxure Mobile vs. Junxure Web

            Junxure Web has access to view all the tabs and financial information. Junxure Mobile only has the contact info, accounts, actions, and profile tab info (and on profile, only a SELECT FEW fields from the upper part of that tab – NOT all.)

            You can also add an action, complete an action, and view your pending actions within Junxure Mobile.

            Updated: 12 Sep 2018 12:10 AM
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