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            What is a ClientView Live Mini Master?

            At your clients’ discretion, access to ClientView Live may be granted to personal accountants, attorneys or other associated professionals as desired. These users are called Mini Masters. The Mini Master does not necessarily have to be an actual client; however, they must have a record in Junxure and have ClientView Live access enabled.

            Assign Mini Master status to any of your contacts in Junxure that has permission to access a specific client’s account information. An example of a Mini Master would be a CPA that needs access to account information for one of your clients. Make sure the client is listed as an associate in the Mini Master’s Junxure record and that the Mini Master has the proper permission to access their account information.

            To do this:

            In Junxure, select your client and click on the Associates tab.

            Check the box under the ClientView column for that associate.

            Notes About Assigning Mini Master Status:

            • Mini Masters may access a client's entire website using the My Contacts menu. You can not specify certain website pages or documents that a mini master should access.
            • To prevent any accidental web access to associate’s websites, set up ClientView Live Security in Junxure.
            Updated: 12 Sep 2018 11:40 PM
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