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            The home page is the default page your clients will see when they log into their website. On this page, you can determine what news feeds you’d like your clients to see, any announcements you’d like to communicate, alerts and market information. Your firm’s contact information also appears on this screen.


            To add a link or RSS feed to your home page, click Add Link or RSS Feed under the News section. On the next screen, choose either RSS Feed or Link from the radio buttons then add the URL and name of the link you'd like to include.

            Click Add RSS Feed to confirm.


            To add announcements to your homepage, click Add Announcement under the Announcements section. Note: You can use the drop-down menu to view Current, Expired, or Future announcements.

            The Add Announcement screen allows you to create, format and schedule announcements that will appear when your clients log in to the site. Add a title, and a description for your announcement in the fields provided. Note: You may format the text by size, type, and color to further customize your announcement by using the editing toolbars provided.

            Other options:

            • Click Add Document Link to add a link to a document related to your announcement.
            • Choose an Expiration Date for your announcement. This is the date your announcement will be removed from your site.
            • Choose a Publish Date, or leave this field blank to publish your announcement immediately.
            • Click the Show Publish Date box to show a timestamp for your announcement.
            • If you have an order that you would like multiple announcements to appear, enter in a number.

            Click Add Announcement to confirm.

            My Alerts

            The My Alerts section is managed within Junxure by actions marked as Web Actions. You can set an expiration date from within the action by selecting a date next to the Expires On field. Watch the Video: ClientView Live Web Actions.

            • Alerts then display in the My Alerts section of the homepage.

            Contact Info

            This section will display how your firm’s contact data will appear on your client’s web sites.

            To manage this feature, go to My Site and click Select Features. You can check the box to Only Show Primary Info, which will display only your firm’s primary contact information, or if you uncheck this option, it will show ALL contact information for your team (all phone numbers, all addresses, and all emails).

            This is a sample of how all contact information would appear.

            Updated: 18 Sep 2018 01:06 AM
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