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            Website: My Site

            The My Site option allows you to customize many features throughout the site.

            To add or edit a logo:

            • Under My Site, click Edit Logo. The Edit Logo window appears.

            • The Choose an Image option is checked by default. If you do not wish to include a logo on your site, choose Don't Use an Image.
            • Use the browse button to locate your logo. Images should be no larger than 500px wide by 100px high and be in a .jpg, .gif, or .png format.
            • Click Upload File to update your logo.

            Select Features

            • Under My Site, click Select Features. The Select Features screen allows you to choose what Menu Tabs, security settings, and other features you would like to display on clients’ websites. Use the checkboxes to make your selections, then click Save.

            For more information on Security Settings, see ClientView Live Security.

            Setup Accounts

            The Setup Accounts page, viewed exclusively by master users, enables an office to modify the presentation of the Accounts tab page.

            • Click My Site, then Setup Accounts.

            The Setup Accounts screen allows you to select which fields you would like to appear on the Accounts Tab of the main menu. You can also decide to display Assets by Account, Assets by Type and/or Assets by Class, and decide what order the accounts should appear.

            • Select the Accounts that you want to display in the grid.

            These are the corresponding fields on the Accounts tab page:

            • Select the Asset fields that will show up in the grid.

            These are the corresponding fields on the Accounts tab page:

            • Set the sorting of the accounts

            Here is the Market Value field, as chosen above, in descending order:

            • Select the Default View. This is the view that clients will see first when navigating to the Accounts tab page.

            Here is the "Assets By Account" default view that was selected:

            • Accounts view drop-down options. You can choose to make the drop-down visible or invisible. If visible, you may select which options you'd like to display.

            As set above:

            • Overall display options. In this section, you can determine if you want pie-charts and grids to appear, and also determine the orientation.

            • Click Save to save your changes.

            Setup Insurance

            • Under My Site, click Setup Insurance. The Setup Insurance screen displays all of the available fields that can be made available on the Insurance Tab on the main menu by insurance type. Choose which fields you would like to include or omit by selecting the checkboxes next to available fields.

            • Click Save to save your changes.


            • Under My Site, click Themes. Themes (previously called "skins") are the colors, graphics and layout of your site that should look consistent with your main web site and convey your firm's message.
            • On the left of the screen, use the drop down menus to choose a Theme NameTheme Color, and Theme Style. The small peview pane to the right of the screen will reflect your choices.
            • Click Preview Theme to open a separate web browser with a preview of your chosen theme.

            • On the preview screen that appears, you may choose to save the new theme by clicking Save Theme, or click Revert to Previous Theme to go back to your original theme.

            Text Settings

            Under My Site, click Text Settings. This feature allows you to set up several customizable options such as a disclaimer for your site, your login security message, and what title appears for your web page.

            • In the Site Title field, add a title for your web site.
            • Using the editable fields provided, you may customize a message for contacting your firm, your firm's error message when pages fail to load, your footer text and your security message. Text can be formatted by color, size, type and style using the tool bars in each section.

            • Click Save to save your changes.

            User History

            • Under My Site, click User History. This feature allows you to view a history of page views on your site. Use the drop-down menu to the left to view page, login, and document history overall or by user. Selecting an option from the drop down changes the image to reflect that data.
            • You may also export this data to Excel by clicking Export to Excel.

            Refresh Data

            This feature allows you to refresh your screen with any changes you made to your site.

            Updated: 18 Sep 2018 01:50 AM
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