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            Website: Getting Your Clients Online

            Now that you have implemented ClientView Live in your firm and set up a login page on your firm’s website, the next step is to introduce your clients to their private portals. Use this guide to help get clients started.

            Answering Client Questions:

            Many clients are not familiar with a “portal” and the benefits of logging on to your website. Here are frequently asked questions to help you inform your clients of the benefits of using a portal.

            What is a portal?

            A portal is a website that enables users to log in and access their personal information. Many clients already use a portal, in the form of online banking to access their account information.

            What are the benefits of a portal for your clients?

            Your clients’ portals allow them to securely access their financial information, documents and reports through your website, anytime they need it. You can also send secure communications back and forth – with attachments – via messages within the portal.

            Is it secure?

            Yes. Our portals provide secure, private websites with live access to clients. The following steps are applied to ensure a secure method for clients to access their information online:

            • A Microsoft Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) application to ensure a secure connection for our server as it responds to requests for data (this can include an email from our clients and documents that we store on your portal).
            • An X.509 certificate to sign and deeply encrypt any messages sent back and forth. This type of certificate is used on sites where the communications channel goes through a secure socket layer (SSL). These pages are prefaced with https://.
            • A private key to “sign” the data that it sends. When a message is received, the web server will verify the correct private key information before allowing access to any data.

            What can my clients access on their portals?

            Besides account information, clients can access insurance data (if applicable), documents (which can be updated by your firm in real-time, ensuring clients always have the most current documents), and portfolio and tax reports. Portals also enable secure, two-way communications between you and your clients.

            Can we customize our clients’ portals?

            Yes. See Website Overview for instructions on how to customize portals for your clients.

            Can a client’s accountant/lawyer/etc. access their portal?

            Yes. Access may be granted to personal accountants, attorneys or other associated professionals as desired. These users are called Mini Masters. See ClientView Live Mini Masters for more information.

            For more information, see ClientView Live FAQs.

            Updated: 18 Sep 2018 01:44 AM
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