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            Integration: Black Diamond

            ClientView Live integrates with Black Diamond Performance Reporting™, a web-based provider of outsourced investment performance reporting for wealth managers and financial advisors. The Black Diamond integration with ClientView Live enables your clients to securely access their financial information in a central location.

            Use these instructions to:

            • Launch the ClientView Live Black Diamond Interface
            • Use the ClientView Live Black Diamond Interface
            • Test or Manage Your Link
            • View the Black Diamond Link on Your Client's Website

            Launch the ClientView Live Black Diamond Interface

            From your Black Diamond website:

            Make sure that your client has a guest login set up to your Black Diamond site. The guest login will include a username and password that you would give to your client so that they can log into the BDReporting site.

            From Junxure:

            Launch the interface from within a contact record in Junxure. Choose a contact record, then go to the Personal Info tab. Click the ClientView icon.

            From ClientView Live:

            Go to Database Tools > ClientView Setup to launch the ClientView Live desktop application.

            Go to Client Setup > Client Tasks.

            From the client list, select a client to add the Black Diamond link by clicking on a row. Note: Clients must be enabled for ClientView Live access to be able to view the Black Diamond link.

            Use the ClientView Live Black Diamond Integration

            Click the Integrations tab, and the click the Black Diamond sub-tab.

            Click the Manage Link button to launch the Black Diamond Client Link window.

            Fill in the Black Diamond guest account user name and password for your client. Click Add Link.

            A window will pop-up confirming that the link has been created and added. Click OK.

            Once the link has been added, the Integrations tab in Client Tasks will have a green checkmark and the URL text will be filled in.

            Once you have established a link from your client records to Black Diamond, you can manage or test your links to ensure they are working properly.

            To test your link:

            Click Test Link on the Integrations > Black Diamond tab for your client in ClientView Live.

            You may receive the following message if you have certain Internet security options turned on. Click Yes to continue.

            Your client's page in Black Diamond will open, confirming your link is working properly.

            To manage your link:

            Use the Manage Link function on the Integrations > Black Diamond tab if you need to change the client’s login information to the Black Diamond site or if you need to remove the Black Diamond link for that client.

            Change the Client User ID, Client Password, or click Delete Link as necessary. Click Close to save your changes.

            When your client logs into his/her ClientView Live site with the Black Diamond link enabled, there will be an additional Black Diamond tab to the right of the other tabs.

            When your client clicks this tab, a new window will open taking them to their Black Diamond site. (A message will appear notifying the client that the information is being loaded securely.)

            Once the information has loaded, this window will refresh with the Black Diamond reporting site's data.

            Updated: 18 Sep 2018 02:17 AM
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