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            Integration: MoneyGuidePro

            MoneyGuidePro allows you to setup login credentials for your clients which enables them to securely view their client plans. You may also enter that same information in ClientView Live, enabling your clients to view their MoneyGuidePro client plans with a click of a button.

            Before you get started

            • You must be currently using ClientView Live.
            • You must use the Junxure to MoneyGuidePro client export interface.
            • You must have a MoneyGuidePro account set up, and Setup Guest Sharing on MoneyGuidePro.

            Set up MoneyGuidePro

            Login to MoneyGuidePro and click on Planning.

            Search and select the client you want to setup Guest Sharing.

            Click on the button labeled "Manage Guest Sharing".

            Click Add.

            Register the client. The User ID and Password are required for ClientView Live.

            Enter the remaining information and click Continue; select the landing page for your client.

            Click Done.

            Set Up your MoneyGuidePro Institution ID

            Note: The Junxure to MoneyGuidePro client export must have been successfully performed once prior to this step.

            Open the Junxure to MoneyGuidePro export from Database Tools > Interfaces. Select MoneyGuidePro, then click Settings on the pop-up.

            If your Institution ID is not 400 then you will need to configure ClientView Live.

            Reconfigure ClientView Live

            From Junxure, go to System Setup > ClientView Setup. Select the Integration tab.

            Enter the same Institution ID that you have in the MoneyGuidePro Export settings, then click Get Virtual Directory. You should then receive this message.

            Set up ClientView Live

            Launch ClientView Live from Junxure at System Setup > ClientView Setup. Select Client Tasks.

            Click on the Integrations tab (this is also available from the client form in Junxure, from the Personal Info tab click ClientView), then click Manage Link. Enter the MoneyGuidePro User ID, Password and select the advisor that created the Guest Sharing for this client then click Enable Link.

            Your client will now have the ability to view a link to their MoneyGuidePro page when they login to ClientView Live. Note: You can remove the MoneyGuidePro link for the client by clicking Remove Link.

            Updated: 04 Feb 2019 11:03 PM
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